Sing a New Song Unto The Lord

It has been many months since I wrote an account in this Blog/Website. It was at Christmas-time. Now we are already approaching Holy Week and Easter, 2012! So much has occurred since then in my walk with Jesus that I have not been able to write even one story for you. Yet, today I feel that Jesus would like me to share what we have been doing together over these last few months!

The Lord Jesus surprised me immensely! In January, He gave me a wonderful gift – the GIFT of SONG. Perhaps you have been reading some of the song lyrics that I have posted in this Blog/Website? In time I would like to share with you the beautiful music that accompanies all these lyrics. I am learning how to write them on music score paper. I have finished nearly 20! It has been a labor of love! I hope that soon I may also be able to post some videos of the songs on this Blog. All the music and lyrics have been inspired by the Holy Spirit. This surely has been one of the riches experiences in my life. It is as if the floodgates of heaven were opened and the lyrics and music poured down into my heart from Jesus’ Sacred Heart.

Sing to the Lord a new song
Sing to the Lord all the earth.
Sing to the Lord, bless His name;
Announce His salvation day after day. (Psalm 96: 1-2)

Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy (Psalm 33:3)

Since January when I unexpectedly received this “gift of song” from the Lord, the Holy Spirit has enlightened my understanding to see His hand at work over the years in order to prepare me to receive this marvelous gift. In December a lady from my church, Victoria, who I was just beginning to get to know, received a locution while adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament at the hour of mercy, 3 pm on Friday 16th, 2011. She called me to tell me that she had received a specific message for me from Jesus and Mary. The message was very detailed. I was truly amazed as she shared it with me, as I had never received a message like this from anyone before. Amongst the many topics mentioned in this “personal prophesy” were these words, which she told me were spoken by Jesus to me: “Remember, I have given you a gift.” Victoria asked me what gift Jesus might be referring to. I told her that I did not know.

I wondered what Jesus meant by those words. Of course, I know that everything in life is a gift from God. We are all blessed from the moment of conception with an infinite number of gifts from our Lord: life itself, and all material and spiritual blessings. But it seemed that He was referring to something in particular. And at that moment, I did not know what He meant. Since then, however, the Lord clarified the mystery of His words by revealing to me that this gift of song had been put into my heart from the moment God had created my soul and it was now that He was drawing it out for His own glory and to share this joy with me!

This is why He said it in these words: “Remember, I have given you a gift”. When I was still in my teenage years, I loved music, studied the piano and played the works of the great classical composers. I sang in three different choirs, and taught myself to play the guitar, joined a high school rock band, formed my own little pop band called “Keys”, and tried to write some songs with a best friend who had a knack for lyrics. I loved music then and it filled me with happiness. In those early years of my life I was far from God and had no personal relationship with Jesus Christ. At that time, I did not appreciate that music comes from God – that the Lord is the Author of music. The seven perfect notes ( or the” octave” which includes the first of the next repeating seven notes) are like numbers. They originate in God and are infinite, and they are a creation and expression of His wisdom, knowledge, power, glory, majesty and beauty.

In those youthful days I enjoyed music but I gave no thought or praise to the One from who it comes. I went off to college at New York University and continued to be involved in music. I managed a local rock band in Manhattan for a year, endeavoring to make them known by booking them into local clubs in the city and seeking a recording opportunity for them. I took a course at NYU called “Music Business and Technology”. I spent all my college summers in London going to clubs and concerts and hanging out with musicians and English rock bands and people in the music industry there. I was immersed in this secular music world and had dreams of entering into the business of music. I never gave a thought to God during those years and like so many others I was living a sinful and self-centered life.

For reasons I cannot fully explain, during my last year of the university in New York , the entire direction of my life changed, and I drifted from the world of music and found myself pursuing another career direction. I went to London and began a study of international business, earning my MBA. I came home to America and found a job which put me on a course towards a career in international banking. My earlier dream of pursuing a future in music faded into history.

Three decades went by! During all those years I never played the piano, even though I had one in my house. When I moved with my family at age 48 from the USA to Israel in 2008 I simply gave away my old piano and all the books of music that had been stuffed away in cupboards for so many years. I assumed that I would never play again as I hadn’t touched the instrument since the late 1970’s! Even further from my thoughts was the idea that I would ever compose a new song! I had written a few simple songs in high school, but that was so long ago – it was, as they say, “in another life!”

During my time in Israel when I was going through some very hard trials, the Lord sent across my path a man who loved music. We became friends and shared our Catholic faith, the faith the Lord called me into in 2004. This fine gentleman, Edgar, also shared his immense joy of classical music with me. He told me stories, played his favorite CD’s for me, gave me private “recitals” in his home and invited me to some performances of the Israel Philharmonic and professional piano recitals in Haifa. Through my new friend’s passion for music the Lord moved in my heart to re-ignite the flame of the long dormant love of music in me. I began to listen to the great masters’ classical works on the radio and on CD’s. Jesus made use of music at that time to console my heart and give me bursts of joy which sustained me through some very difficult times I was undergoing in those first couple of years of living in Israel.

One day I was walking along the Mediterranean Sea in prayer. My heart was overflowing with gratitude to the Lord for the gift of music to the world which I had been recently enjoying thanks to Jesus bringing Edgar into my life in those otherwise dark days. In a moment of profound thanksgiving, I stooped down to the sand and picked up a shell. I began to write in the sand the names of all the composers I could think of whom the Lord had given the great gift of music and to which they each had responded by receiving the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and giving their entire lives to create and compose the music which God put into their hearts. Name after name was marked into the sand and I worshipped the Lord for His creating these human-beings, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Handel, Chopin, the Beatles, and all the others throughout the centuries who through their music and songs became a blessing to mankind as they cooperated with the Spirit of God to make the music we enjoy.

About a year later, our family moved back to America. I bought a new piano. My daughter and I began to take lessons. I practiced all the classic masters’ works and regained my piano -playing “fluency” over a 6 month’s period. I also enjoyed hearing all the show tunes and contemporary songs my teenage daughter was playing. In January I was speaking to my piano instructor and mentioned that as a teenager I had a passion for music and even wrote a simple song or two but that somewhere along the way I had drifted into other things. I had lost my way from music at that time. However, years later I found my way back to God.

I mentioned to my teacher quite casually that I would love to write a song. He replied, “You need inspiration to write music.” I heard what he said but at that moment I did not fully grasp the truth of this statement. A few days later, the Lord “mysteriously and secretly” flooded my heart with inspiration and song after song began pouring out. This has been continuing for three months and my joy cannot be described. I am so grateful to Jesus. All the songs are from His Sacred heart to mine. He is the Author and He is the subject.

Lyrics to the “Eternal Song” (written by Ann from Jesus’ Sacred Heart!)

Angels lift up their praise to the Throne of God
Singing through endless days the Eternal Song

Angels with one voice sing to the Lord Most High
Saints bow down and bend their knee to join the heavenly throng.
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Glory be to God.

There stands the Lamb of God, at the Father’s side.
Lord of all heaven and earth, Savior of Mankind.

Near Him the Virgin waits , her heart with love aflame.
To take His graces forth to children of His Name.
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Glory be to God.

Sing too you holy souls, in fires pure as gold.
Your love is growing strong, soon Him you will be hold.

Come now O Spirit of God and fill our hearts with love.
That we who are still on earth may praise as those above.
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Glory be to God.


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  1. What a beautiful story your music is so wonderful I love to hear you play them thank you and praise be to god for this wonderful gift that he has given you . love you when very much

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