The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for June 28, 2017

After receiving Jesus in holy communion at the Cathedral I cried out to the Lord: Here I am Lord! I come to do Your will! I am Yours, do with me as You please! I say yes – Amen!  Fiat! to everything You ask and want of me. Show me what You desire. Lead me in your way.

Jesus responded within my spirit with these words:

 “Peace to those near and those far off, I bring. I make all one in My love. The time is coming when I will unify all things in Myself that are in disunity and discord. The time is soon for a great outpouring of My Spirit on all the earth. Be ready. Be prepared, I will come to make all things new.

Ann, you are My warrior – you and all those who love Me. You sound the battle cry that hearts must prepare for My coming in the glory of My Spirit.

Shout! Shout it out to the ends of the earth, the Lord will come! The Lord is coming! He is coming soon! Be ready to meet your Bridegroom with your lamps lit and burning brightly.

I come to save those who will be saved. My Spirit comes to reconcile those who will be reconciled to Me and My Father. Time remains to convert, but not much time. Bring your hearts to Me. Open your minds to My Truth. Like Pilate, many ask, “What is truth?”

The Truth is who I Am. My Love is Truth. My Life is Truth.

Be mine by converting your hearts to Me who is Truth. I want you forever to be with Me where I Am, but you must be willing.

Sound the trumpet!”

(Here the Lord prompted me to open the passage of scripture for this call, and I found it in Joel 2:1 where the full passage states:

‘Sound the alarm in Jerusalem! Raise the battle cry on My holy mountain! Let everyone tremble in fear because the day of the Lord is coming. It is close at hand.’)

After, Jesus continued speaking to me, saying, “the Lord comes with His  mighty Spirit to cover the earth with gladness and Truth. But, Oh, for some, there will be pain, not joy, unless you convert and repent of your evil ways and enter into My Truth – enter into My Heart – My Love – My Life.  Amen, Amen, Amen.”


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