The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for December 19, 2017

Today I experienced a  miracle of grace and guidance. Due to a doctor appointment I did not think that I would be able to attend Holy Mass at the Cathedral today. However, at the last minute, I was able to go. I prayed my rosary in the car as I drove to the church. When I arrived at the Cathedral, I signed the Mass intention book, writing in it, “Ann Ammar and family – safe travels“.

Then, as I walked down the aisle towards the front of the church, I experienced a very strong conviction through the Holy Spirit that that for many weeks I had not been wearing any of the grace-filled sacramentals that I used to wear daily, that our Lord and Blessed Mother have given as special blessings to the Church. I became aware how every morning when I got dressed, I put my wedding band on and I put my earrings in. I put my wedding band on to be faithful to my husband, and I put my earrings on in order to look beautiful but I was no longer being faithful to our Lord and Lady by wearing Their sacramentals. Why did I no longer take the time to put on my necklace of Sacramentals: the Miraculous Medal,  and Saint Benedict Crucifix Medal and the Brown Scapular?

Surely,  I was being negligent and foolish at the same time, since these gifts from our Lord and Lady are so rich and full of spiritual benefit. I justified myself each morning by thinking, I want to dress simply without the cumbersome feeling of something hanging from my neck. Yet, I put my earrings on every day in order to look attractive! I thought how foolish and how fleshy and earthly I was behaving.

Walking towards my pew I felt the Holy Spirit deeply pressing into my heart this  neglect of love on my part to My Lord and Blessed Mother. The Holy Spirit also reminded me of my upcoming travels, and He made me realize how wise it would be to wear the Brown Scapular, with its remarkable supernatural promises from Our Lord and Lady and I realized I should not squander Their extraordinary graces.

As I approached the Altar I noticed a woman sitting in the right front pew next to the aisle, where I would enter in to take my usual place in the middle of the front pew. I thought for a moment to sit behind her in the second pew, rather than my usual place in the middle front pew, so as not to disturb her by making her get up from her prayers to let me in. I genuflected at the second pew and then spontaneously decided to go down the pew and out the other side and then enter in by the left side to find my usual place in the middle of the front pew.

I entered and went to my usual place, and then I was struck with awe to see a Miraculous Medal had been placed on top of the wooden railing at my exact location. I was so very stunned, and my heart lifted with joy, realizing that the Holy Spirit had guided my thoughts, and even my actions, and that the Lord and our Blessed Mother, through this incredible sign were speaking to me and confirming this holy inspiration from the Holy Spirit and Their desire that I once again commence wearing their holy sacramentals and that my doing so would please Them very much!

I assisted with all my heart, mind, and strength at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass following this personal miracle. What joy flooded my soul!

After mass ended, I sat in silence, and I heard in Jesus speaking in my spirit:

“Joy, joy, joy! My child when you walk with Us, when you live with Us, We will make your joy complete. Make Our joy complete with your obedience to Our will.

My Mother loves you, Ann.  She wants you to think of her more often. Follow her lead. She will take you deeper into My heart where rivers of Living Water flow and flood your soul with joy.

I am Joy Incarnate – the Desire of all men’s’ hearts. Only I can fill the heart with joy – perfect joy. There is such freedom in My Joy: freedom to love without counting the cost; freedom for self abandonment; freedom from the bondage of self; freedom to be your true self – conformed to My Image – My life, which is Joy, living within you.

Stay close to Me through the assistance of My own Mother; She is filled with grace – with her, through her, We are united in grace. Love My Mother for she loves you, as do I. This will make Me very happy and My joy will be complete.

Go in peace, Ann, dear child. Go in peace.”


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