Do You know Jesus,  the good Shepherd?

He is holding two lambs, one in each arm. One represents me and one represents you. He is pressing us close to His Heart, and tenderly carrying us to our Eternal Home. There was a time in my life that I did not know the good Shepherd of souls.  I was a lost sheep. I had strayed far from him, so far that it was like I was trapped on the highest, most rugged precipice where on one side of the cliff was a deep abyss and on the other side a treacherous area of briars, thorns and thistles where I could see no way to come out. Then I heard Him call my name, and He gently lifted me up and carried me out.

 “…. and the sheep hear His voice, and he calls His own sheep by name, and leads them out… He goes before them, and the sheep follow Him: for they know His voice. And a stranger they will not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.

 I am the good Shepherd, and know my sheep and am known of mine…. I am the good Shepherd: the good Shepherd gives His life for the sheep.  I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly.” (John 10:3-5,11-10, 14)

 Since I first recognized the voice of my good Shepherd I began to listen to Him and follow Him and walk with Jesus. He has fulfilled His promise to give me New Life and that, life more abundantly.

In the pages of this Blog I will personally and transparently share with you, as Jesus leads me, account by account the wonders and marvels the Lord has done in my unique yet ordinary life and His innumerable intimacies with just one common soul who loves Him and is infinitely loved by Him. I pray these writings will help you to recognize the good Shepherd calling your own name so that you may put all your hope and trust in Him who “…came to save that which was lost … and if so be that He find it, verily I say unto you, He rejoices more of that sheep than of the ninety and nine which went not astray” (Matthew18: 11,13).

  1. Beautiful posts—I’ve enjoyed the inspirational readings.
    May God Bless you and keep you

  2. Anne, your website touches me. I can identify with your hunger for Christ because I just returned to the Church one year ago in November, 2010 after 25 years away from the faith. What is so incredible to me are your descriptions of the holy places in Israel. What a blessing! Josef’s story is amazing. How good God is to be preparing his people all over the world for what is coming–surely times of persecution, but also unparalleled graces– hope for His little remnant, the sheep and the lambs who know His Name. I follow Mark Mallet’s blog closely, and also that of Pelianito [Pelianito’s Journal Blog]. You would enjoy the testimonies and teaching of Marino Restrepo, a Columbian who left the church for 33 years and who returned after extraordinary mystical experiences given him by Christ. Find all his teachings in English on my website
    on the page VIDEOS–Teachings and Music.

  3. Anne, where do I start. Your website is beyond words. Truly you walk with Our Lord. You are an inspiration. Wow!

  4. Anne, I just came upon your blog and it has been so encouraging to my weary soul today. Bless you. Keep writing!

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