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The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for July 30, 2018

Tonight, before our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament during the Adoration Hour, I said to Jesus, “yes, Lord, I will do good right here at home in Woodbury, for Your glory, the honor of my parents and family. She was speaking, I believe, by your Holy Spirit. If You would bless these works of my hands, yes, I would do it, just as You say.“

(I spoke these words to Jesus, because today a nurse spoke to me during an exam and as she was speaking I recognized the Voice of the Holy Spirit speaking through her. The Lord can speak through people to guide us in His will. If we have ears to hear, we will recognize His Voice, and be led to follow His Will for our lives.)

Before entering into silent Adoration the priest gave a homily. He centered his meditation on Revelation 3: 4-6,

“…They will walk with Me, dressed in white, for they are worthy. 5 The one who is victorious will, like them, be dressed in white. I will never blot out the name of that person from the Book of Life, but will acknowledge that name before My Father and His angels. 6 Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

And after referencing this passage of Scripture the priest spoke about our duty and joy in following the Will of the Lord. We must be obedient to His calling each one of us to our unique and preordained vocation.

I was amazed because I had just written a new hymn this past week entitled, “Book of Life” and have been sensing that the Lord is encouraging me to be more and more obedient to follow His call to compose music for His glory and through this music He will draw souls to Himself. Just this week the Holy Spirit led me to write the account of “The Mysterious Messenger” whom the Lord sent to exhort me to my vocation. (This story I posted earlier this week on this blog)!

Finally, my prayer for many weeks now to Jesus has been:
“Lord, bless the works of my hands which You have established,” inspired from from Psalm 90.
90:17 May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us;
establish the work of our hands for us—
yes, establish the work of our hands.

And so you can imagine my joy when the final words of the priest’s homily tonight were:
“ May God bless all your endeavors. Whatever you lay your hands on, may He bless you!”

Then I heard the Lord Jesus speaking in my heart, “ Child, listen to Me. I will speak with you. Be at peace, sweet daughter, I hold you always in My hands.

I have a plan for you and your works. Keep going forward in what you are doing. I will bless the works of your hands. I will do so and do so abundantly. Watch and see what I will do with you. You are not imagining. I give you My word: I will bless you and your works. You have asked and I will deliver for My Own Glory. I wish also to give you joy and delight, for I love you. But I will bless the works of your hands for My greater glory.

Be at peace. The right and perfect moment will come for My plan for your life to be fulfilled. Carry on. A good soldier marches on, obeying the orders of his commander in chief. Do so.

I am with you in all you do, for you love Me and seek only My Glory. You want people to know and love Me. This is your pure intent and motivation. I see into your heart. I see you better than you see yourself. You doubt your intentions. You think too much. Too much self reflection will cause you to come to wrong conclusions.

I am the true and perfect judge of souls. You cannot judge yourself for you do not know yourself as I know you. I know you perfectly, through and through. I see deep within the layers of your soul and find the truth in you.

Therefore, be at peace and trust Me. I will lead you, as I am doing. Remain in Me and I will remain in you. *
Worship Me now. Thank Me. That is all I want from you.

Your Jesus “


Book of Life
by Ann Ammar

Verse 1
My book of life is still unfolding
from infancy to middle-age.
I know that I can trust my Jesus,
to lead me safely through each page.
My life’s a pen in Jesus’ right hand.
He writes His will upon my heart.
His strength and grace He daily imparts
And shows me the right course to chart.

And when I die,
all will be clear.
Christ opens up my book of life.
He’ll draw me near
Unto His side
Say tenderly,
“Well done My child.”

Verse 2
My life is coursing steadily onward.
From middle years to ripe old age.
With God’s grace going on before me
Christ leads me safely on the way.
Each day my life’s a new adventure.
God‘s mercies are fresh every morn.
Each day affords a new occasion,
Another chance to be reborn.

And when I die,
all will be clear.
Christ opens up my book of life.
He’ll draw me near
Unto His side
Say tenderly,
“Well done My child.”


The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for July 23, 2018

It is good to be here, Lord. Thank you and Your Holy Spirit for nudging me to come tonight. ( I came to Saint Patrick’s tonight for Adoration). You are my Teacher. I want to hear Your words of wisdom tonight. Lord, your little child, like Mary, is sitting at Your feet waiting on Your every word. Teach me, good Master. Have pity on me, dear Teacher. Shine Your light of Truth in my heart, Jesus.

“Ann, My child, Rest your head on My breast. Feel My heart beats for you with fiery love. This is all you need to know, that I love you totally. It is enough for you to know this. This is the secret and Truth of life – Love. There is nothing else to learn or know.

What is love? Do you truly know? I Am Love. Love is Me!

You and everything I have created receive My love, and from My love, you can love. You love because I first loved you. You were created in Love, by Love, for Love.

Love is self giving. I gave Myself in love to create you. I expended Myself in love to redeem you. My love sustains you. My love is, because I Am.

Even hell is an act of love. For you were created in and through My love to be completely free. I love you so much I gave you total freedom. This freedom allows you to choose. Those who choose to return love for Love, remain in and with Me. Those who choose not to love, choose hell. They freely choose and My love for them respects their freedom of choice.

Ann, dear child, this troubles you. Love is not love if it is forced. That is a tyrant’s behavior. Love gives and offers freedom.

Hell is the absence of love. It is emptiness – left to itself.

What does this mean? Hell is rebellion to Love – filled with the sin of rebellion – sins against Love. Thus, it is an active place, filled with chaos, turmoil, torment.

What can I do? What else can I do, for those who choose to go their own way apart from My Love, which is the only beautiful Truth? Thus, in My love, I gave them what they want, what they have chosen, what they desire.

You must be My instrument of love. My children must give generously of their selves to others to melt their hearts. You are My Body now – My hands, feet, mouth, eyes. It is you who must love them – your neighbors, your enemies, and by loving them for Me, in Me, through Me, you save many!

Your Jesus”

The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for July 21, 2018

Speak Lord, your servant is listening! Come Holy Spirit!

“I am here daughter, within you, speaking to your heart and soul. I love you, Ann. You are so precious to Me. Stay with Me awhile; be with Me, and do not become distracted, I wish to speak to you today at length.

You are a good child, but you make many mistakes. I want to help you to improve your life, to become holy and pleasing to Me. You must slow down. Be still, and listen throughout the day to My Spirit speaking deep within you – within your soul. He desires to help you – assist you moment by moment to make right choices for your daily life. You often rush through the day on your own making your own decisions, not listening to His inspirations which will keep you safely and soundly on the path of righteousness.

My Spirit is a good Spirit, full of wisdom to teach and guide a soul to perfection. But you must stop to listen; you must pay attention and keep your mind and heart focused on His presence throughout the day. This is living continuously in My divine Will. This is union with Me.

You are growing, and I am pleased with this. But more holiness is possible and available for you if you stay close to My Holy Spirit all through the day. Focus. Do not be so easily distracted. Practice My presence. Enter deeply into a state of recollection and remain there throughout the day.

Time is short until you come to be with Me forever. I want you to make the most of the time, for the days are evil. Let My Spirit guide you more fastidiously and you will make faster progress in holiness and perfection.

This message is not for you alone, but for all My children. The days are so evil, it is necessary to remain in constant union with Me to avoid the traps and snares the enemy lays for you, to drag you to his abode. You must not be unaware. The temptations given into lead to destruction if not fought with energy to avoid. One thing leads to another. One temptation yielded to makes it easier and easier for the Evil One to grasp you with another. You know this, but you must be more aware of the danger and be on your guard, constantly being led and directed by My Spirit. This world is a battlefield and you are engaged in a war over your souls. Fight the good fight while there is still time. I am always with you and by your side to help you achieve victory in righteousness. Stay with Me; stay close to Me and we will walk the narrow road together.

Your Jesus.”

The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for July 16, 2018

I had come to Saint Patrick’s Church for Adoration of Our Lord In the Blessed Sacrament tonight between 7 and 8 PM.

Tonight my heart was filled to overflowing with love for our Lord Jesus. I said to Him with strong passion, I love you, Lord! I love you! I love you so much! Please Lord, speak to me tonight!

Jesus replied, “Child, child, child, you are Mine; have no fear. I am here tonight with you. I always love you, no matter what you do – no matter all your faults and imperfections.

You are a human and I know what it’s like to be human. I can understand your temptations and weaknesses. I experienced living in the world. I am sensitive to your reality. While I was without sin, I do understand your struggles. Little child, trust Me, I will assist you in all your struggles against sin and temptation. Lean on Me. My grace is sufficient for you. I will not judge you harshly, because you are Mine. Trust in Me.

You turn to Me when you see your weaknesses. I love this! You glorify My mercy by doing this! I am so merciful. It is My greatest attribute. How happy I am when sinners turn to Me and hope for My mercy. I will always give it to the one who desires to be forgiven. My mercy is endless- unfathomable – infinite – beyond understanding. It is who I Am. Your merciful God! The One who loves you totally, completely, without reservations. You are Mine – I made you for Myself.

If only the world would believe this, such peace and hope they would have to know that they are loved unconditionally. I want to heal them – love them – make them whole. Their hearts are filled with sadness, confusion, despair. But I am here for them, to love them and heal them – to give them hope and eternal Life.

I know it’s hard for human beings to perceive the mysteries of the invisible realities. That is why I called prophets and selected Apostles and revealed Myself to them, to witness My reality – My love and truth. I came and lived among you to show Myself to you. They did not lie about Me. They gave their lives for this truth. Believe! Simply believe. It is what it is! I Am the Truth, the Way and the Life.

Little children, trust in Me. Come to Me. Believe Me and My love for you. An eternity awaits you – peace, love, joy forevermore in My Presence. Hope in Me and your hearts will be at peace!

Your Jesus”

An Interview with Ann Ammar

By Gordon Nary

Gordon: When and why did you join Holy Angels Parish

Ann: We moved into Woodbury, New Jersey when I was seven years old and in the second grade. My father was a vascular surgeon and established his private medical practice at the Underwood Memorial Hospital in this small, lovely, and typical American town founded in the 1600s and situated across the Delaware River from the City of Philadelphia. My parents originate from Norway (my mother was a first generation immigrant) and Germany, (my father’s family came to America in the early 1700’s as farmers and settled in Pennsylvania). Below is the photo of my Norwegian grandfather leading the singing praise hymns to the Lord by all my Norwegian cousins in the traditional Lutheran Church in my mother’s farming village of Ekne, Norway on my baptism in 1962. I’m the little toddler on the right side running around the church.

Thus, our family’s spiritual history is Protestant from the time of the Reformation. I was baptized in 1962 as a toddler in my mother’s traditional Lutheran church on a visit to my devout Lutheran Norwegian farming grandparents.   When my parents moved into Woodbury in 1967 they became members of the First Presbyterian Church at Woodbury, as they were told it was a “nice” church with a good pastor. While growing up in Woodbury, I was active with the Presbyterian Church in their youth activities, singing in the church choir, and studying piano and organ under the church music director. Although I had attended Sunday school, and went to church services on Sunday where I would usually sing in the choir, and even though I had been Confirmed in the Presbyterian Church at age 13, I did not really know Jesus and I did not have living and active faith. Church for me was social, -a community and musical experience. Music touched me deep in my soul, and although my heart rose in joy when I sang the hymns, I did not specifically lift my heart to the Lord or knowingly sing to God and Jesus in worship, love and Adoration. When I recited the Apostles Creed, I did not understand the words that I was saying. Despite my church life, I was spiritually ignorant and blind, and did not have “ears to hear or eyes to perceive”  the Gospel at that time in my life.  St Patrick’s Church was the only Catholic church in our town of Woodbury when I was growing up and still is the only Catholic church in the town. Many of my classmates from elementary  and high school attended CCD, and CYO at St. Patrick’s. I remember some classmates coming to school on Ash Wednesday with the sign of the cross traced in ashes on their forehead. I did not understand what this sign meant. I did not have a hunger to know why they did this act and so I never inquired about their faith, and furthermore, none of my Catholic classmates ever spoke to me about their Church or shared their Catholic Christian faith with me, and so I remained ignorant.  I left Woodbury at age 17 after my high school graduation to pursue my education and I moved to New York City to attend New York University. By then I was an agnostic, totally focused on worldly and secular pursuits. I was a very lost sheep, but I did not even know it! During my university years I was not exposed to any witness of the Christian or Catholic faith by anyone at any time. My New York City experience was secular, hedonistic, humanistic, and worldly and I was exposed to many sinful and evil persons, places and things leading me further and further away from God.

I graduated from NYU and then moved to London to continue my studies, earning an MBA in international business. I began my international banking career in Philadelphia when I returned to America in 1983, married my husband in 1985, whom I had met in London during my graduate studies, and moved with him to Madrid, Spain in 1991 to open an office for the bank as my successful career advanced. During all these years I was spiritually dead, and not looking for God, and my husband was a self-proclaimed atheist despite having been brought up in a devout Muslim family in a Palestinian village in Israel. Upon returning to America from Madrid, due to my promotion to head up the Southern European Region of the International Division for CoreStates Bank, we started a family, and our two daughters were born in 1995 and 1997, respectively. It was during this period from 1994 through 1998 while I was still working at the bank and traveling for business through Southern Europe that the Lord pursued me mightily to come to Him in faith, beginning with His mysterious call to my heart and soul during a routine business trip to Italy in 1994.( Further below I will share my testimony for it was the beginning of my journey towards full Conversion to Jesus Christ and into Christ’s One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church). But first I will return to the question of why I have returned after 40 years to my hometown of Woodbury and am now attending St. Patrick’s Church, one of the three churches that were merged to form Holy Angels Parish.  I started coming back to Woodbury from Israel where I was living with my husband and two daughters during 2008-2011, in order to assist my parents and sister who had become very ill during the time we were living abroad. Since I was by then a Catholic convert, I began to attend Saint Patrick’s Church every time I came home to the USA. Because of the increasing complexity of my father, mother and sister’s illnesses, and simultaneous trial we were going through to find a cure for my youngest daughter’s years’ long, chronic and life- threatening depression, my husband and I decided we should return to America to seek better treatment for her.  Then, in 2014, I moved to Woodbury without my husband and youngest daughter, in order to live with my parents and sister who were suffering tremendously and could not care for themselves. My mother was battling late stage ovarian cancer, my sister who had been living with my parents was dying of liver failure due to alcohol addiction and my father was deteriorating rapidly from Alzheimer’s disease. After my sister passed away, and we were finally able to relocate my father to an assisted-living facility for Alzheimer’s patients, my husband and youngest daughter joined me in Woodbury so we could live together as a family, helping my mother until she finally succumbed to her disease in 2016. After the death of my mother, my husband and I decided to remain and settle in my family home in Woodbury, and it is then when I formally joined St. Patrick’s Church.  We have been living in Woodbury for the past few years, and during this time St. Patrick’s Church was merged with two other local churches forming the new Holy Angel’s Parish.  I was not involved with the merger process in anyway, so I cannot really speak about it. I understand that it was due to financial reasons that the merger was necessary. I love our parish! There are a group of very devout, pious, deeply spiritual Catholics who attend daily Mass, and adore our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and whose worship and devotion to our Lord keeps the Holy Spirit present and moving amongst us. We have had new priests assigned to our parish, due to the retirement of Monsignor, and due to serious illnesses of several other of our priests. We are blessed with two holy priests from Africa who have recently been assigned to our parish.

It feels good to be home in my childhood town, after forty years away, and I can only say with Saint Augustine, “too late have I loved Thee”! How I wish I had had living faith in our Lord Jesus Christ during my childhood and had known the truth about the holy Eucharist and the holy Catholic Faith and had received Him in holy Communion at Saint Patrick’s during my childhood!

Gordon: You have a fascinating background as a former international banker, who, after visiting Assisi, had a life-transforming experience.  Could you share this with our readers?

Ann: I would like now to pick up where I left off above, in my personal history, when I was still working for Corestates Bank and traveling to Southern Europe as Regional Manager, and to share with you details about one extraordinary life-changing day I experienced on a business trip to in Italy in 1994 when the Spirit of God came upon me mightily in the holy town of Assisi and thus, transformed my life forever!  I was a 34 year – old, ambitious Vice President who had successfully opened an office for Corestates in Madrid, Spain. I had built up the market successfully to such a point where my proposal to open a representative office on the Peninsula was heartily approved by senior management. After three years of success in managing the Madrid Office, I was offered a promotion to Regional Manager of Southern Europe, which included responsibility for Spain and Portugal, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Israel and the other countries surrounding the Mediterranean basin. It seemed I had everything going for me. I had been married 10 years at that time, was very well paid, and after this lucrative overseas ex-patriot assignment for several years had returned to a more senior position at the bank with further upward success looking promising. On the surface of things, it appeared that my life was very good and that I was lacking for nothing, but I would soon discover by no attempt of my own that I was utterly poor and empty in all that truly mattered!   I was scheduled for another routine trip to Italy, accompanied by my colleague, a young woman who reported to me, and who was one of the country managers for Italy. She had arranged the entire itinerary for our Italian trip and one of our appointments was with a bank in the town of Perugia. It was scheduled as a brief courtesy call to show our appreciation to the international division manager for all the business that he and his bank conducted with ours.  Our arranged agenda was to spend about half an hour having a coffee with the manager and then continuing on the rest of our business trip to Rome.

I had never met the head of the international division at this bank, so I was unknown to him, and he had no knowledge of my agnosticism. My colleague had told him nothing personal about me regarding   matters of faith and religion, as these topics were unrelated to our business purposes. When we arrived at the bank that morning, I discovered that the bank manager spoke no English.

After a brief introduction, he proceeded to cup his hand under my elbow and gently lead me away, with my colleague following, through the halls of the bank and then down into the garage where he encouraged us to get into his car. Not speaking any Italian, I was not able to converse with him and did not understand what was happening. He began to drive us to a destination, and when we arrived we found ourselves at Assisi, the holy pilgrimage town of Saint Francis of Assisi. We wondered why he would bring us there without discussing these plans with us in advance. We had scheduled a standard international corporate bank appointment and had not arranged any time for sightseeing. Furthermore, we had plans to drive on to Rome that morning. No amount of explaining our desires to the banker moved him to bring us back to the bank. After about an hour with the Italian banker leading us through the holy sites of Assisi, we gave up our protestations and yielded to his agenda, and let go of our need to control the day’s events.

Not being Catholic, and not even a practicing or believing Christian I had no idea what Assisi meant, except that it was the name of the town from where Saint Francis came. I knew practically nothing about St. Francis except that I often saw his statue adorning gardens because he was associated with birds. At first, the banker took us to the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli a little distance outside of the main town of Assisi where after he took us to visit the other famous shrines. In the Church, he pointed out the holy icons and paintings, and I did not have a clue as to what they signified and thus, did not know how to appreciate their spiritual importance. Then, he motioned to me to go inside the Porziuncola (the little chapel which name means “small portion of land” which belonged to the Order of Saint Benedict of Monte Subasio), which is thought to have been erected under Pope Liberius in the mid- 4th century by hermits from the Valley of Josaphat in Jerusalem, who had brought relics from the grave of the Blessed Virgin to Assisi. The chapel became known as the Chapel of Our Lady of the Valley of Josaphat or the Chapel of the Angels because of the relics brought from the site where Mary’s Assumption into heaven accompanied by angels occurred. Furthermore, it also derives its name from the witness of many persons over the centuries claimed to hear the singing of angels inside!

After St Francis returned from a pilgrimage Rome, he had a vision of Christ on the way, who said to him, ‘Francis can’t you see that My house is falling into ruin, Go and rebuild it!”  Francis, not yet understanding that the Lord was speaking to him about reforming the entire Catholic Church, Francis took the words of Jesus at face value and began restoring several local ruined churches, among them the Porziuncola, the little chapel of St Mary of the Angels. Afterwards, Francis built himself a small hut near the Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels and was soon joined by other followers. It was here that Francis founded the Franciscans.

I entered timidly into the chapel as I did not know what to do in such a holy space. There were devout pilgrims kneeling in prayer on the wooden pews along the sides of the chapel. I didn’t consider kneeling down to pray as I did not know God, nor even how to pray, as I had not said prayers since I was a young child, and even then, I seldom prayed. I stopped and remained still in the middle of the aisle facing the altar. I simply stood there alone in the aisle without being aware of any thoughts. It was there that a mysterious Presence came upon me. I felt a wonderful sense of Peace and Love and Light flood my soul, – a place I did not know even existed within me.  I realized that I was in the Presence of a Person who personally knew me, loved me, and cared about me. I did not hear any Voice nor see any Face. My experience was a mystical sensation in my innermost being. I had an immediate understanding that this Person was God Almighty who created me and knew me and was revealing Himself to me that He exists and loves and cares for me. I was forever changed by this brief but sublime Encounter.

On two other specific occasions during that marvelous and mysterious day, the Spirit of God came upon me again and continued to call me to Himself. When finally, the banker took us back to his car, he gave me as a gift the Prayer of St Francis and quite curiously he asked me in his poor and broken English, “are you different?” I did not know how to answer his mysterious question, but tears welled up in my eyes and when I looked at him I saw that he too had wet eyes. I saw him only one time after that day, six months later in Milan, on another business trip at a bank event, where this mysterious banker simply gave me a hug and offered me another gift –  a print rolled up like a scroll of St Francis with his arms raised to heaven in praise to God.

I never saw the banker again, but his name if you translate it into English means “soldier of the Cross”.  This gentle banker was surely an instrument of the Holy Spirit in my life. When I see him again one day in Heaven I will thank him for his faithful obedience to the promptings, inspirations and nudges of the Holy Spirit which forever changed the direction of my life. I continued seeking the Lord of Assisi with all my heart, mind soul and strength in the years to follow and our loving Triune God ultimately let Himself be found by me, – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and each One of the Divine Persons individually and distinctly revealed themselves to me. I left everything to love, follow and serve the one True Triune God of St Francis and the Christians and who is the only Living God of all humanity.

Gordon: Your Battle Cry is an extraordinary publication,  and the title also reflects a challenge that many of us may not often reflect upon. Could you comment on some of the reasons why you chose this title? 

Ann: The Battle Cry apostolate came directly from the Lord. I would never have considered beginning such a ministry on my own. The Lord gave me the name, “The Battle Cry” and confirmed His selection of this name through another Catholic who serves Him. Initially I was very reluctant to begin this ministry, because it involved transparently exposing my inner life and making myself vulnerable by sharing intimate words from the Lord that I receive in prayer.

However, the Lord continue to reassure me that this was His will, and that this was not only for my benefit, but also for the benefit of many souls who do not yet know and love Him, in order to draw them to salvation through repentance from sin and receiving of the mercy and forgiveness of Jesus. These words from the Lord are also for all Christians who do know and love their Lord yet, He desires to draw them into a deeper and more intimate relationship in order to prepare and strengthen them spiritually for much more difficult times that will be coming in the Church and the world as the evil spirit of  apostasy, heresy, immorality, violence, and callous cold-heartedness increases in power and influence.

I believe that the Lord chose the name “The Battle Cry” in order to alert His Church and anyone of goodwill in the world who will read His words, to the urgency of the need for sincere contrition and deeper repentance, and a profound conversion of heart, through increased prayer, deeper trust and stronger faith in God and faithful obedience, service and living our lives in the light of His Holy and perfect Will.

I was prepared for the transition to share such intimate words and inspirations from the Lord through years of obedience to writing my personal faith testimonials in the first blog that the Lord asked me to write beginning in 2010. This first blog is .Walking with our Lord.

Readers can go to this site where I share many personal testimonials of my journey of conversion and walking with Jesus in increasing faith living in America and in the Holy Land. Each of the testimonials are true and reveal many miracles and wonders that our Lord has done in our intimate relationship and which he desires to have with all His beloved children. I wrote each of the accounts after the Holy Spirit revealed  the story that He specifically desired that I share publically on the blog.

Gordon: You are also a popular Songwriter & Composer  Based on your experience, how can music be a helpful evangelization resource?

Ann: As I shared above in my personal history, ever since childhood, I had a special love for music, singing in the church and school choirs, and studying piano and organ, and composing songs as a teenager, and playing in two bands, and even during my university years in New York City, managing a new wave band, and aspiring to a music career. For reasons I do not fully understand, but in reflecting back over the years, it would seem that the Lord had other plans for my life before He would stir up the gift of music He gave me and fulfill the desire of my heart.

 Despite the earlier path towards music, while at NYU  I found myself pursuing a major in history, and then, going on to study for my  Master’s in international business in London and returning to the US to start a career in international banking. It wasn’t until after I returned home from living in the Holy Land, in 2011, that the Lord opened the floodgates of inspiration, and began sharing from His heart to mine both lyrics and melodies, which I diligently struggled and worked to annotate as musical scores.

I have composed a little more than 100 compositions over the past few years of songs and choral works that are in various stages of development. I never studied music theory or composition, so I had to teach myself how to score and arrange music. This has at times so frustrated me that I have become discouraged. I cannot accomplish all that my heart desires as I do not have the technical training and skill required. However, the Lord in His goodness has brought other Catholics to assist me in developing some of my simpler pieces into more advanced works as orchestral scores, and also to produce professional recordings in the studio of some of my songs and those that I have cowritten with them.

There is a story that I have yet to write and post on the Walking With Our Lord blog that I am still meditating upon. I had a miraculous encounter with someone, “Tony”, who prophesied to me about my music mission. When I get discouraged and begin to doubt this beautiful gift the Lord has given to me, and the music mission which He has inspired, I recall the encounter with the mysterious and angelic? “Tony” and try hold his amazing words of encouragement and counsel deep in my heart. I haven’t been working too much over the last six months on the Lord’s music, so I must get back to work! Saint Augustine once said, “He who sings, prays twice!” Music is the international language of the soul, and reaches deep into the hearts of all people, and thus music can be a very effective and sweet form of evangelization and sharing with others the love and truth of God who is the Divine Author and Composer of Music!


We have featured some links to you music.

and thank you for this inspiration interview that I know will be deeply appreciated by our readers.

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