Poems and Hymns

Poem for James Wright Foley


James, did you say a prayer
or were you silent as you listened to angels’ wings
brushing against your hair?
Your face so fair
kneeling there.

You held yourself with great courage and marvelous dignity
The nation grieves
Good people weep
You’ll surely exchange your prisoner’s orange gown
with a holy robe of liberty.

James, did you see your Lover’s eyes
looking into yours
as you gazed across the horizon of Eternity?
His Face so fair
waiting there.

You witnessed to the sanctity of life against their brutality
The Heavens heave
With sighs of mercy
You’ll surely receive the Victor’s golden crown
God’s prize for love and humility.


A Poem & Meditation on Scriptures: “How Long, O Lord?”

Leaves are falling all around me
It’s been a year, dearest Dear, since you were called
to duty and had to leave our family.
Winter, spring and summer have already passed.
O God, return my beloved to me safely, at last.

Our soldiers are being sent to the front lines in the far-away war,
with piercing eyes, witnessing agonies that they’ve never seen before…



…Women in anguish weeping over their children as they draw their last breath.
Their sons and their daughters raped, mutilated and traumatized;
Merciless beheadings performed right in front of their eyes;
Brave Christians strung up, raised high and crucified!

Lord, how long! How long until You come?
Lord, save your people from the sword and the gun!
Lord, how long! How long until You come?
To put an end to all wars, hatred and murder since Adam.


O Lord! We fully trust in Your steadfast love
against these acts of barbarism and brutality!
Our hearts rejoice in Your salvation!
For in Your first Appearing as Savior to the nations
You indeed destroyed death and brought life and immortality….

to light through the Gospel.

We know that You must remain in heaven to Reign
until You have put all Your enemies under Your feet.
Then You will Appear a second time in Glory to complete
What God Almighty has preordained:

To wipe every tear from our eyes.
So we will no longer mourn, cry or die,
For the old order of things will pass away!
You will destroy our last enemy – Death

With grateful hearts we will exalt Your Name
through endless ages with our eternal praise
for You Have ransomed our lives by your own Passion and Blood
and delivered us from the power of the grave.

First Corinthians 15:26
2 Timothy 1:10
Revelation 21:4
Hosea 13:14


Psalm 13
How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever?
How long will you hide your face from me?
How long must I take counsel in my soul
and have sorrow in my heart all the day?
How long shall my enemy be exalted over me?
Consider and answer me, O Lord my God;
light up my eyes, lest I sleep the sleep of death,
lest my enemy say, “I have prevailed over him,”
lest my foes rejoice because I am shaken.
But I have trusted in your steadfast love;
my heart shall rejoice in your salvation.
I will sing to the Lord,
because he has dealt bountifully with me.


The Gift of Life


I awake this day and I thank You for Your gift of Life

for the joy of hearing the sounds of the morning
a wondrous cacophony of Your creation
the chirping crickets
the roisterous tweeting, crackling, squawking of the birds
the sweet cooing of the mourning doves
the melodious chimes on my neighbor’s porch tinging in the gentle breeze
the distant rumbling of a jet passing overhead
the wooshing of cars both near and far
popping of staple guns from the construction site
tapping of pipes in this old house
the creaking of doors and floors
the grumbling of my tummy telling me it’s time for breakfast.

But lo! I am hungry for You
for Your heavenly food
Your Body and Your Blood
which gives me the strength to run the race of this day
and complete its course,
until dusk comes and
then I will thank Your for the living of this day
and the pleasant repose of this night.

I shall listen to the sounds of the evening
as all of creation
settles down into quiet and silence
and I can hear Your still small voice speaking to my heart,
“Goodnight, sweet child, until the morrow,
rest now in My arms of Peace”

Copyright©, Ann Ammar 9-8-2014




(A poem I received October 21, 2013 from Jesus
while in Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament)


Waiting in the silence
all alone with Thee
knowing if I’m quiet
I will hear You speak.

Patiently expecting
Your words of love to me,
while my heart’s embracing
Your wounded, bleeding feet.

Just like sister Mary
who chose the better part,
I sit in complete silence
to hear words from Your Sacred Heart.

And, as John, Your most beloved,
I lay my head upon,
Your warm and tender bosom
and feel your beating Heart.

Your love and mercy flows
from Your pierced side,
enraptured in the silence
You draw me deep inside.




(A poem I received March 21, 2013 from Jesus during Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament)

“I am here My child
Surrender all to Me
I am living
the very air you breathe

“Give your heart to Me
and you will see
the wonders I will do
in love to set you free

“Little child can’t you see?
There’s no fear when you stay near to Me
Calm and peace surround your heart
Your mind is still
My light penetrates the dark

“There is no rush
Time fades away
In My Presence
is Eternal Day

“I lift your soul in My embrace
Where I am
beyond time and space
to the heights of Heaven
to My Holy Place
and there you see Me Face to face”.

Written by Ann Ammar

The Multiplication of the Loaves

I come to Your table of Life

to receive the heavenly Bread.

“Take, eat, this is My Body,” declares the Sacred Head.

I enter Your courts with thanksgiving,

my hand outstretched before You;

but like a tiny sparrow

You hold me in the palm of Your Hand

and feed me the heavenly Manna.

“Go therefore into all nations” You command.

“what you did for the least of these, You did unto Me,”

For, “I was hungry and You gave me to eat.”

Raising your eyes toward heaven,

You bless and break the Bread.

But where can we get enough to feed them all?

“What you have freely received, freely give,” You said.

Written by Ann Ammar, April 28, 2006

Based on chapters from the Gospels of John 6, Mark 6 and 8, Matthew 16, 25 & 28 and Psalms 84 & 100

I Am Your Pinwheel

Your Spirit blows through me, Your little pinwheel.

Animating and moving me according to Your heart’s desire.

I love to be Your plaything, Lord,

Your shining and sparkling child’s toy.

You hold me in Your gentle Hand,

And my heart spins with joy,

radiating the delightful colors of Your love.

Ann Ammar

February 2, 2006


For My Valentine

If I had a hundred pearls, I’d give them all to You.

If I had a thousand songs, I’d sing them all for You.

If I had ten thousand tears, I’d cry them all for You.

If I had a million years, I’d live them all for You.

But I have just one sole heart, filled with love of You,

Fuller that than the ocean’s depths,

With fire hotter than the brightest star,

This Love, whose source is first from You,

I give with all my heart right back to You,

My Lord, My God, My All!

Ann Ammar

February 14, 2006

St. Valentine’s Day


The Vagabond

I have no plans of my own, Lord.

I drift along on the current of Your Spirit.

I am carried upon the wind of Your Breath,

kept aloft by tender kisses from Your lips.

I am Your vagabond, Lord,

famished at the break of day,

hungry for the Bread of Life.

I am Your vagabond, Lord

A poor and needy, wandering soul,

thirsty for the Water of Life.

“Come follow Me,” You call,

“and I will make you a fisher of men..

I have food of which you do not know”.

I reply, “Here I am Lord, I come to do Your will.”

My nourishment is the work my Father has given me to do.

I eat and am satisfied.

Ann Ammar

February 15, 2006

Nature’s Cathedral

The interlocking branches of the forest trees form the

Gothic arched windows of the first floor of Nature’s Cathedral.

The rugged mountains are the flying buttresses for the great dome of the heavens above, and all therein is sacred space.

The time for cutting a clearing in the forest for a cabin is gone.

The forest itself is nearly gone!

The Master Architect and Heavenly Gardener in His pure love gave us the gift of His beautiful Earth asking only that we be its faithful good stewards, cherishing and preserving His magnificent handiwork for His beloved children yet to be born.

I stepped softly on the pine needle covered trail through the Hoh Olympic rainforest.

On a clear blue autumn afternoon sky, the sun angled through the tall and ancient Douglas firs and Sitka spruce casting zebra shadows on the reds and yellows of the forest floor.

The wind gave a soft rustle in the canopy above, while a clear stream gurgled as it cascaded over rounded stones – Nature’s choir singing to its Creator.

On the path a couple approached hurriedly and absentmindedly, seemingly oblivious to the Majesty which filled Nature’s Cathedral and the One whose loving Presence surrounded them and was calling to them in the midst of the Garden.

I stepped aside to let them rush on, reflecting on the Master’s words,

…..They look, but do not see, and hear, but do not listen” (Matthew 13:14)

The distance quickly separated us as we followed along our different paths.

And I heard His Voice again gently pleading,

Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter it are many. How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life.  And those who find it are few” (Matthew 7:13-14)

Meditation by Dr. George S. Weber / Ann Ammar 2010

Lift up Your Heart

“Lift up your hearts!
We lift them up to the Lord!”

My heart stretches towards you like a giraffe strains its graceful neck to reach the highest tender green leaf.

My heart opens before You like a flower enfolds its face to the sun to receive its warmth and light.

My heart rises up on the wings of Your spirit like the sparrow ascends towards the sky in freedom.

My heart melts with love for You like chocolate softens in the warm hand of a little child.

My heart yearns for you like a lover awaits her beloved from across the wide sea.

My heart desires you like a camel thirsts for water upon crossing the miles of sand.

My heart aches for You like a child cries for her mother in longing for her embrace.

My heart pines for You like a refugee longs for her precious homeland.

My heart needs You like a fish caught in the net must be cast into the water.

My heart seeks You like the newborn kitten searches for its mother’s nipple.

My heart receives You like the earth is saturated after a heavy rain.

My heart finds You in the silence of prayer,
in the face of a child,
in the smile of a stranger,
in the hug of a friend,
in the hands of your priests,
in the immensity of the heavens,
in your Church,
in your Word.

Ann Ammar, January 27, 2007

The Boat of My Heart

Take Your rest, sweet Lord; slumber peacefully; lay Your head down on the pillow of my heart.

In the boat of my love You find peace and gentle repose –

Even though the waves may crash and the tides surge,

Even though the storm and darkness of night surround,

Even though rain and hail and lightening abound,

Sleep deeply and take Your rest, sweet Lord; I will not awaken You nor stir You by fears and doubts.

No need to rise to calm the storm; faith awaits safe arrival at the distant shore.

Written by Ann Ammar, April 28, 2006

Based on the Gospel of Mark 4: 35-41

Ode to Michelina

Michelina, steadfast and faithful soul, true to your Lord unto ninety years old.

Michelina, true devotee of Mary, humble daughter and servant through all of her days.

Michelina, wife gentle and obedient of heart, with deep love for her husband until death did they part.

Michelina, mother full of kindness and grace, caring for all your children with tender embrace.

Michelina, faithful widow like Anna, who remains day and night in the Temple to adore the hidden Manna.

Michelina, Christian of wise counsel, teaching, rebuking and encouraging the faithful.

Michelina, friend dear and true, discreet and compassionate wither mercies ever new.

Michelina, lady most devout and pious, like the holy women of old who attained glory in the highest.

Michelina, our companion in the Lord’s work day to day, we love you dear sister in manifold ways!

Written by Ann Ammar

On Michelina Peluso’s 90th Birthday, May 8, 2006


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