Our Testimony

Introducing Ann Ammar & Marianne Eichhorn


On the left of the picture is Marianne and on the right is Ann.

Marianne is Dutch and Ann is American. We were both raised in the Christian faith – Marianne as a Catholic and Ann as a Protestant. Both of us wandered from the faith of our childhoods and fell away from the Lord during our teenage years as we pursued our own self -wills and passions. Jesus the Good Shepherd, in His mercy and love, came to find His lost sheep and restored us to His sheepfold.

Jesus persistently and patiently called to both of us for many, many years when finally Marianne and Ann heard the Voice of the Good Shepherd and turned our whole lives back to Him in faith, trust, love and service. Both Marianne’s and Ann’s individual conversion testimonies (soon to be published in this site) are remarkable and powerful witnesses to God’s love, mercy and faithfulness. Further, Ann embraced the Catholic Faith and entered the Catholic Church in 2004.

Jesus, in different years, individually called Marianne and Ann to come to live in the Holy Land where in His perfect timing and according to His purpose He arranged that they encounter one another in order to forge a deep bond of Christian sisterhood and that they become partners in the work of this Apostolate. (For the complete account of this event please read the book chapter in this site: “My Angel Malachi”).

Our Lord has called Ann and Marianne to spread the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ and to bear testimony of His love and mercy through the publishing of this Book: “Walking with Jesus – The Life of an Ordinary Soul” which transparently exposes the personal faith journey of Ann with Jesus, account by account, as Jesus leads her to share some of their most intimate and wonderfully exciting experiences together.

To accomplish this work of evangelism and witness in this Apostolate the Lord brought two strangers, Ann and Marianne, from separate lives on two different continents to yet a third continent, – to Israel – to form a bond of love and unity so that they would share their unique God-given gifts and talents.

Marianne has been given the gifts of evangelism through creative design & technical skills and is the artistic and technical designer of this blog and “The Battle Cry”  She is the Web Manager of both blogs.

Sacred Heart Organization Israel, which Marianne founded, is the publisher of Ann’s book, “Walking with Jesus – The Life of an Ordinary Soul”.

Ann has been given the gifts of evangelism, witness and testimony through her writings in “Walking with Jesus-the Life of An Ordinary Soul” published on this blog and on the website. Ann is the author ( by inspiration of the Holy Spirit) of all the accounts, stories, poems, songs and lyrics contained in these sites.

God Bless,

Ann & Marianne


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