Ann’s Testimony


Ann Ammar

Ann Ammar,53, lives in Valley Forge, near Philadelphia, with her Palestinian husband of 28 years, and their two teenage daughters.  Ann and her husband met as graduate students in London, and then moved together to America, where they married in 1985 and began their respective careers.  In the height of Ann’s successful career as an international banker in 1994, on a routine business trip to Italy, one of her clients unexpectedly took Ann to Assisi.  There, in a day filled with mystery and mystical moments, sovereignly orchestrated by the Lord, to draw Ann from agnosticism to living faith in Him, Ann had her “Road to Damascus” experience.

Filled with prevenient grace, she was given the gift to hunger with her whole heart, mind, and soul, to know the God she encountered in Assisi. She followed this Voice of Personal Love, which ultimately led her to give her life to Jesus Christ and leave all worldly pursuits including her high-powered career, to follow the Good Shepherd wherever He would lead her.  At first, after her radical conversion, she worshipped the Lord and grew in her new Christian faith with Evangelicals. In 2003, our gracious Lord revealed to Ann the truth of His Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist and she came running towards His Holy Catholic Church.  She entered into full communion with the Catholic faith at the Easter Vigil 2004.

 Ann’s family has recently returned to America from Israel, where they lived for several years, first in her husband’s Arab village near the Galilee, and then in a modern Jewish Israeli town along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Their sudden move to Israel in 2008 fulfilled her husband’s quiet, yet deep yearning, to return to his homeland to spend time with his aging father, after living more than 30 years abroad with Ann, in England, Spain, and America.

The mysterious and extraordinary events that preceded and precipitated Ann’s family’s unexpected and abrupt relocation to Israel, was understood by Ann at the time, to be a special call from the Lord for a purpose yet to be revealed.  Ann’s discernment of the Good Shepherd’s guiding Hand in His call to come to the Holy Land was soon verified, when she met under most extraordinary circumstances, the person that Jesus had predestined to be Ann’s partner in a new evangelical writing apostolate, a work for which Jesus had revealed his desire for Ann to do prior to her leaving America for Israel.

Ann’s new sister in Christ, Marianne, had been called by Jesus many years before from Holland to settle in Israel, where she had been living more than three decades, as the only Catholic in a completely Jewish kibbutz located outside Jerusalem.  Bonding Ann and Marianne together in deep Christian sisterhood, agape love and friendship, Jesus utilized the unique talents and gifts He had bestowed on each of them, for the building up of His Kingdom.

The fruit of this unity is their blog, and their website, where Ann’s inspirational faith testimonies, spiritual poems, original songs and lyrics, inspired by the Holy Spirit, are contained, and Marianne’s excellent technical skills and beautiful graphic design capabilities are displayed.


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