The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for March 20, 2017

This afternoon I went to the Mediterranean Sea to lift my heart in prayer, pray the rosary, and open myself to the Holy Spirit. After about two hours I sat on a rock, and gazed out at the sea, near the ancient town of Caesarea.

Then heard in my spirit, the Lord speak this word to me:

“My daughter, listen to Me.”

Yes Lord, I am here listening.

“Do you see the sea before you?”

Yes Lord!

“My love is like the sea, wave upon wave never ceasing to wash over the souls of men. My Holy Spirit is like the sea breeze fanning cooling embers of love in their heart to ignite into a fire of love towards Me and their fellow man.

You cannot see beyond the horizon, yet you know the sea extends on and on; such is My love for you and all My children.

Have faith in Me and My love. Faith is the substance of things not seen.

When I walked on the waters of the sea, when I calmed the wind and the waves, I revealed My power and My glory.

My apostles witnessed these things. They wrote about these things so that the world would believe that I Am who I Am – God with you.

Peter believed and stepped out in faith. Yes, it is true, he wavered and collapsed in the sea, but My hand reached out to save him.

Oh you of little faith!  Step out to meet Me; I will not let you go. I stretch out My hand to you.  Grasp it in faith and you will walk on the water with Me.”

– Jesus

The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for March 16, 2017

“Ann, My child, I am here with you, loving you, as always.

I am your Peace, dear child. Why do you fret? Put your trust in Me. My love calms your soul. Be at peace; steady yourself in My Sacred Heart.

Be still and know that I am God, your God, who loves you, cares for you, enriches you with every blessing.

I came to earth to save all men from the torments of Hell. So many do not believe Hell exists. This is the deception of the age old enemy of mankind – the devil – who lies, as he is a liar from the beginning – the father of lies. Proud, vain, arrogant, clever, the deceiver destroys men by leading them astray with lies of their own self- sufficiency.

Blasphemy! Man is not God. Man cannot save himself. This is the great lie of the devil. This is the path to Hell where the devil and his angels reside; a place not made for men but for the rebellious angels who forsook My love, turning to themselves in their arrogant pride.

“We are gods”, they said. They fell from My grace. Oh how far they have fallen! To the uttermost! And since there is no way back, they desire to drag man down with them to the pit of burning fire.

Oh foolish man, will you not believe in My love? I love you. I died for you! I died to save you from eternal death and damnation.

Follow Me! Not the enemy of your souls! I am Truth. I am the Way, the Life and the Resurrection! Come to Me, for I love you. Come to Me to be saved.

Come My children, come home with Me.”

The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for March 8, 2017

Jesus – “Dear child, I am here with you, loving you. How are you are My delight and joy! How pleased I am with you today. How you are growing in love and peacefulness for you are trusting in Me more fully. I am well satisfied with your growth and spiritual development in Me.

Sweet Ann, what can I say to you today that I haven’t already told you. I love you. I forgive you. I am with you.  You belong to Me.  I am yours and you are Mine. We are one in love.

Precious child, how I want to hold all hearts in My love but they will not have Me. You must pray for them. Pray more, dear child, for your brothers and sisters in the world. We are one family. All are My children. Some love Me and others rebel against My love and push Me far away. Open your hearts to Me,My children and I will heal you and save you.

Do you not know or understand there is no life without Me? I am life, truth, hope and joy for you. You are dead in your sins without Me; There is no hope for your souls. I offer you life – life abundantly here in this world and eternal life in the next, but you must come to Me to be forgiven of your sins. You know you are sinners as I have given you a conscience which reveals to you right from wrong. You must repent of your wrongdoing and return to Me before it is too late. You will all die and then it will be too late to help you. You know this. End your rebellion. Let Me save you. Let Me love you.”

A heavenly aroma manifested, and I realized our Blessed Mother was near.

“I am here my daughter, your mother. My sweet child, how I pray for you night and day! I pray for all my children. I pray that they open their hearts to my Son – their Savior. My prayers and tears are constant for them. Oh how my heart aches for them to receive and love my Son who is their only Savior. He is gentle and kind, loving and wise and powerful to save – a mighty Fortress that they can run into to be saved.

Why wait, my little children, for the world is turning fast? Time is advancing and soon time will be no more and then it will be too late for you. I cry, I weep, I agonize in my heart for all of you, dear children. Mama’s heart – do you understand? Mama’s heart, it hurts for you. Please little children come home to Us, your Family. Stop running from Us – the road leads to nowhere.

We are the way home.

We are the way home.

Come home to Us.

Come home.”

The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for March 7, 2017

I am now in Israel for month after traveling in Germany and England for a few weeks. Today I went out to ride my bicycle along the country roads here in the middle of the Holy Land. I had said my morning prayers and devotions at home and recited my rosary before I left (fulfilling my newest pledge to pray daily for the defeat of Isis and the conversion of the terrorists).

 While riding I spoke from my heart to to Jesus and sang love songs to Him.  At one point during my journey I said to Him that when I got back to my home in Baqa I would go up on my rooftop and sit still to be open to hearing His voice should He will to speak to me, as I have been so much on the go during my travels that I have not waited on Him attentively in this way.

When I got back to my house, I went about my activities, and suddenly recalled that I had made this promise to the Lord. So I searched for a pen and paper and went up on the rooftop, meditated on some Scripture and prayed, and lifted my heart to our Sweet Lord.

I heard the following words in my heart,

“My child, listen to Me. I’m here speaking with you. Have no fear of these times in which you live. My power is mighty to save. I care for the inhabitants of the earth – My children.

How steeped in sin so many are living but My Mercy remains available for them. Good child, remember I am always with you to help you live according to My Commandments to love and give generously of yourself to others.

Sweet child, do not hesitate to approach Me, to draw near to the Throne of My Mercy in times of need when you fall short of My perfect Will for you. I am generous with My forgiveness to all who ask it of Me with simple and humble hearts.

It is the time of mercy – now, today, – for tomorrow is not guaranteed. Who can know the hour of their death – the moment when their life is recalled?

Be wise, for today is the day of salvation while My Mercy is plentiful and available to you. Repent, and believe in the Gospel – My Gospel of Life.

I love you. I died to save you, but you must desire My salvation. O you of little faith, come back to your Maker, your Savior and Redeemer, your Father! Return to Me before it is too late to turn back. My heart is open to you – to all of you.”

The Battle Cry: marching orders for February 16, 2017

“Ann, We are here with you, loving you as always. You are Ours. You belong to Us. Remain in Our love. Stay close to Our Sacred and holy Hearts. Enter Our Hearts. Make your home in Our Hearts. We cherish you. You delight Us. You are a good daughter of the Church.


Be at peace in these difficult  days of the Church and the world as We are always with you, by your side, supporting you in the Truth you believe and the Faith you profess.

Strong and faithful witnesses of Our Word are required in these evil times. The world is on fire with hatred and sin. Evil continues to advance, creeping into every corner of society. Resist the evil with your witness of My true Word of Life. Witness My Truth in words and deeds. Time is short. Now is the time to harvest souls for My kingdom which approaches.

Little one, do as I say. Go forth in boldness and confidence supported by My love and power. Proclaim My Truth with mercy in your heart for those you meet along the way. Truth must be shared gently and with mercy, respecting the other’s will. I have given each person freedom – freedom to choose good or evil. My servants must not browbeat others, but share My Truth in love and mercy, kindness and gentleness so they are attracted to Me, seeing Me in your actions and behaviors.

Good daughter, be at peace. We love you and will go with you.”


The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for February 6, 2017

Since the last Marching Order was posted, the Lord has spoken a personal message to me which He has not desired that I share publicly. He has called me into a place of profound solitude with Him, a kind of Hermitage of the Heart, a time in the darkness and dryness of the desert, where there would be deep quiet and stillness, where words would not be spoken, and pure faith and full trust would be the only lights for me in the darkness


Last night, as I was adoring our Lord during the hour of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, while in deep contemplation, in my yearning to hear His Voice after weeks of silence I pleaded with the Lord and He tenderly responded with just these few words, “Come away and hide.”


Today I read a meditation by Mark Mallett, “Come away with Me.” The Holy Spirit appears to be speaking this same message to others in the Body at this time. I would like to share Mark’s valuable writing with you below.

T H E  N O W  W O R D



Come Away With Me


WHILE writing about the Storm of Fear, Temptation, Division, and Confusion recently, this writing was lingering in the back of my mind. In today’s Gospel, Jesus says to the Apostles, “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” There is so much happening, so fast in our world as we approach the Eye of the Storm, that we risk getting disoriented and “lost” if we don’t heed our Master’s words and enter into the solitude of prayer where He can, as the Psalmist says, give “me repose beside restful waters”


The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for January 9, 2017 – The Feast of the Baptism of our Lord

“My daughter, stay with Me this year. Stay close to My Heart. The year will be a difficult one and you will need to remain very close to My Heart for strength to endure, for protection, to guard your faith, to keep safe from evil which abounds and expands without ceasing. Times will get harder for the world. Darkness is falling heavily over the earth. Remain in My Love. Keep My Truth, guard your Faith.


See child the evil around the world – dark blackness of sin and corruption.  What can My little flock do? Remain in Me and I will remain in you, guarding your faith, keeping you from falling. Trust in My Love for I am always with you night and day. I never leave your side, guarding you in My Love.

Sweet child, be strong in Me, rely on My strength alone. I will guard you as the apple of My eye, My chosen one, My joy, My little treasure.


Children, My lambs, gather round your Shepherd who protects you from the wolves – savage attackers of My chosen flock, ravishers of My church, evil ones in My midst, teeth bared, ready to tear my flock apart.

Dear ones, remain with Me, your One True Shepherd, Christ the Lord.”

The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for January 4, 2017

Happy birthday Ann. I have made you for Myself. I have made you to know Me, love Me and serve Me all your earthly life. I have given you rebirth in My Blood and Spirit by water. You are a new creation in Me.


You have two birthdays – one in the flesh and one in the Spirit, which births you into eternal life with Me – in Me – for Me. It is My gift to you – the greatest of all gifts, greater than (earthly) life itself which was a gift I gave to you out of My overflowing, abundant love. I didn’t need to create. I wanted to create. When my creation fell in sin, I did not want to lose you, which My justice required, but loved you so much that I exercised My infinite mercy to restore My lost creation to new life, to a rebirth, a new creation, a second birth by water, Spirit and Blood – My own Blood, My pure and mighty Spirit which makes all things new.


Thus the second birth is greater than the first, the new life a greater gift than the first, for you were bought with the price of My own life – My pure Blood and so you say, “happy fault that gained  so great a salvation”. Your new birth into eternal life is now in Me, Christ, in God.

Happy birthday dear child and daughter. We love you with infinite love and mercy and forever. You are Ours and belong to Us, purchased by My own Blood for eternal life with Me.”

– Jesus

The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for January 2, 2017

Here on the Riviera Maya I went to adore Jesus in the outdoor Nativity which this resort had put up for Christmas. I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet on my knees in the grass alongside the statues of the three Magi, before the infant Jesus in the manger, on the straw under the stable. When I completed adoring Baby King Jesus there, I walked over to the chapel which this beautiful resort had built to serve its guests spiritual needs.


Yesterday, a Mexican priest came to Celebrate the holy sacrifice of the mass at this beautiful Chapel of Nuestra Senora del Paraiso for the Solemnity of the Mother of God, Mary most holy. I was blessed to be invited by the priest to read the Scriptures in English and also to sing the Gospel Alleluia for the congregation which had come for this great feast, and which filled the large church completely. I went inside the lovely Mexican Capilla and sat before the altar on a large wooden pew and meditated before the Image of our Lady of Guadalupe and our Lord on the Crucifix. After some time in silent contemplation, the Lord spoke these words to me:

“Ann, Ann, We are here with you, loving you, giving you Our Spirit for this new year. Stay with Us and We will lead you to perfection by Our grace. This new year is full of opportunities for those who walk with Us, learn from Us, follow Us in Our ways of truth and righteousness. Good things follow those who let Us lead the way forward. Good things – good works, fulfillment of Our plans for your life, your destiny in Us. Don’t be too hasty and go off on your own. Stay close to Us, near Us, following Our lead as We will lead you forward in Our will.


Our will is perceived to be mysterious and hidden, but this is not so. Our will is simple. It is love in the present moment. Always love. Do not stray to the right or the left but go straight forward in love. Love is the way, the only way, Our way. This is always Our will – so it is that simple. Love is not complicated. It is simple and straightforward, easy to do when you die to yourself and give to the other. Look at Me, learn from Me. I did the will of the Father by laying My life down for you, giving all that I am for you. What joy!

Love is joy! When you love you experience joy. You forget yourself and lose yourself in the other. This is the meaning of life – the exchange of persons. Life is love and love is life. It is that simple. I am love and I am life. You are made in My image to live and love, to love and live!”

The Battle Cry: Marching Orders for December 19, 2016

“Here We are My daughter, with you, always – I, your Papa, Jesus My Son, and your mother Mary. Trust us. We would not lead you astray. We are here wishing to speak with you if you let Us in your mind and heart. Do not resist the Holy Spirit. We are here and We love you, Our dear child.


You are filled with Us, having received the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus, My Son, in the holy Eucharist. We dwell within you. All of Heaven is in you, as you are united with Us in holy Communion – all the saints, all the angels, the holy Trinity, as We are One. You are united with All of heaven. We are all with you, in you, and for you, as We are One body together.

Take care that you do not stain the body with sin. Remember Our Oneness. Keep clean of heart, mind, soul and body to preserve Our immaculate Being. Should you fall, My Son will forgive you, but strive to live a holy life. Exert yourself in holiness. Receive My grace for this purpose. Do not become slack or lackadaisical in your efforts. Work diligently on your holiness with My Grace supporting you. All things are possible with your God, – your good God, your true God, your loving and caring God, who cares for you and all My children.

Respond to My Grace as My daughter Mary did, with full abandonment and trust to My will and all will go well for you. Great strides in holiness can be achieved as you let go of your own will to follow – nay, live in My will.

How trust pleases Me. I reward greatly those who trust Me with torrents of graces. You My child can become a saint if you let your own will go and live in Mine. How easy it would be to become a great saint. How pleased I would be to make you a great saint but you must trust Me, and abandon yourself to My will. Truly, it is not difficult. My Grace bears you up and you can reach the heights of sanctity in this life you live here on the earth. You are growing but you could grow more speedily if you but let go of your own will which stumbles you and holds you back from perfection.


Be at peace, dear daughter, Ann. I am with you. I will not abandon you. I see everything. I see you and I love you. Stay with Me. Stay close to Me in prayer and the Sacraments and you will become holy by My Grace. I am your Father, your God in whom you can trust. Now go in peace to live in Me all through this day.”

My heart responded, “Amen!”

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